“Fit-Boxing is probably the most intense, challenging, addicting, workout that I have ever experiencedDio is the type of teacher who will push you to be the best that you can be and inspire you to reach new limits in your mind, body, and spirit. Working out at TaoSan is a staple in my life and I recommend it to anyone who ever felt like they need something more out of life and fitness!”…. Emily S

Ive been going to Tao San for 6 months now and I highly recommended it. The Fit-Boxing classes use the heavy bags and are a kick-ass work out. The more you go, the harder you learn to hit, the harder the workout gets. I came here to learn self defense as much as to get in shape. Dio has an amazing amount of real world experience that he brings to the class. The class goes through the basics of punching, kicking, how to deflect and move in ways that are applicable to the street while learning how to control yourself and a given situation. Good things to know in Santa Cruz. Lastly, the vibe at the gym is awesome with none of the agro bullshit you get at some MMA gyms. You want to find your inner kick-ass and do it with a smile? Go to Tao San…Ryan D.

Had my first class there yesterday, and it was such a blast!! Everyone is super friendly, and the staff is incredibly helpful and supportive! Incredible workout that keeps you smiling through the sweat!...Susanne R.

I started Tao San Self Defense (Depensa Kalye) over three years ago after a physical assault that left me scared and unsure how to handle a situation like that again. Dio and Sally have created a safe and supportive environment to build skills and confidence for real life situations. Dio is an amazing teacher with an incredible amount of knowledge. I feel safer and more confident moving thru life. In each class, I continue to learn new information and fine tune my skills on how to protect myself and others in realistic situations on the street. I recommend everyone, of any age, to join Depensa Kalye…Rebecca P.

Super Awesome owners and a workout that will kick your butt! Loved it and can't wait till next week…Robyn M

Dio put on a very good class today for the children, he discussed the dangers children face in a way that they could understand and would actually help them. Given the horrible things that have happened in our community recently, and also in the past, it was especially appreciated by me as a parent. I do believe that all kids should be getting this type of education and that we as parents should be proactive in providing it to them…Jesse R.

Fit-Boxing will kick your butt and you’ll love it”……..Jessie D

One of the best things you can do for yourself. I now consider Tao San to be one of the most important I've ever done for myself right up there with college. I got in great shape due to the heavy bag workouts and am learning amazing self-defense techniques in the Self Defense classes. Dio is probably the most lethal and kind person I've ever met. It doesn't matter what age or sex you are Tao San is welcoming of anyone. I was pretty nervous going there by myself but felt welcomed and comfortable there very quickly by how kind the people are there. I can only say I wish I started 10 years ago instead of now….Daniel G.

“I’ve been working out with Dio for six years. He has continually sustained an interesting, high level, full-body workout that has changed and grown with my abilities. Dio is professional, with a great sense of humor that makes him a joy, even when he’s pushing me to my limits. Dio, you rock!”………….Reyna L

“I’m a long-time cyclist and recently started doing personal training at Tao San. These workouts have improved my endurance and power on the bike and are now a regular part of my training program. Fantastic workouts and I no longer suffer from backache”….. Tom L


“Dio is a master. He has created a unique fusion of martial arts and street fighting. I come for the self-defense and cardio training. It’s a blast”…….Julia G

Dio is a gift to the health and fitness community. Additionally, he’s a true gentleman. Our whole family loves him!”……Mark and Roni N

“I like Tao San because I learn how to deal with bullies at school. I also like kicking the shield. It has made my legs really strong”……Nico age 9.

I’ve been working out with Dio for over a year and he has helped me to gain strength, endurance and flexibility, which has improved my performance and fitness on all levels. I run faster, I am a stronger swimmer and my strength on the tennis court has increased significantly. Dio is more than a teacher, he is a coach. He pushes you to your limit and gives you the confidence to go further. His workouts are amazing. Working out at Tao San will improve your focus, clear your mind and transform your body. …Serena R

Tao San makes me feel more confident and Tao San makes me feel more comfortable walking around anywhere. Lilah - age 10.